Version 0.6


1. FlakPack (FKPK) is a not-for-profit, semi-organized community dedicated to facilitating the playing of games.

2. While consisting of members of the gaming, technology, and other industries, FKPK is not aligned with, controlled by, or funded through any external company, organization, or group.

3. Play more games.


4. FKPK membership is based on referral.

5. Any member may refer a candidate to the admin staff for consideration for invitation.

6. Members are responsible for the behavior of their referral, and a bad referral will limit or remove the member's ability to refer future candidates.

7. Membership carries no further responsibility or liability.

8. Contribute or not as you see fit.


9. FKPK is administered by a volunteer Admin Staff.

10. Admin Staff are referral promoted in a similar fashion to standard membership.


11. While FKPK is a participation-based group, there are no quantitative requirements for participation.

12. Members may organize, play, lurk, or ignore any medium as they see fit.  Admin Staff reserves the right to inquire if inactive members wish to remain members for the sole purpose of keeping membership numbers accurate.

Operations Night (Op Night)

13. FKPK organizes a full-group play date on one night per week (Wednesday, 8pm PT as of this revision).

14. While participation is optional, in order to maximize availability, members are discouraged from organizing full-group events that overlap with Op Night.

15. Members are encouraged to suggest, organize, and volunteer to operate Op Night, as well as off-night events as their schedules permit.

Streaming and Privacy

16. FKPK Op Night carries the presumption of being a streamable event, and members joining a FKPK communications medium on Op Night should assume the event is being recorded or broadcast.

17. Any participant in an Op Night may request live or recorded content be taken down for any reason, which will be honored without exception.

18. No permission to stream or record will be asked at the start of the event.

19. Non- Op Night events are not streamed by default, and any streaming or recording individual must ask permission of active participants prior to the beginning streaming or recording.

Usage of Discord

20. FKPK provides access to a Discord server for casual communications.

21. Full access to all areas of Discord is restricted to only members.

22. FKPK members may invite non-members into the Guest Lobby areas of Discord at their discretion.

22. Access to Discord is a privilege of membership and is revoked with same.

23. The FKPK Behavior section applies in Discord.


24. FKPK values mutual respect, cooperation, personal accountability.

25. FKPK does not discriminate based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sex, gender, expression, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

26. Members are encouraged to resolve interpersonal conflicts directly and in private.

27. Volunteer admin staff are available for assistance in conflict resolution when private resolution is impossible or ineffective.

28. Admin Staff reserve the right to terminate FKPK membership and related access based on its sole evaluation of adherence to this section, as well as any other activity, in any other medium, deemed to be disruptive to the continued operations and enjoyment of the group.

29. If you fuck up in real life, you may have fucked up in FKPK.

Intellectual Property

30. Works posted in FKPK communications channels are the sole property of their owners, and FKPK asserts no rights to any content posted.

31. FKPK members are prohibited from using any FKPK communications medium to violate contractual obligations that apply to them, including non-disclosure, non-solicitation, and non-compete agreements.

Charter Updates

31. The FKPK charter will be posted in the #Announcements Discord channel at all times.

32. Requests for comment and updates to the document will be broadcast through same.